I have no technical background/education. I started watching all kinds of Unity Tutorials almost 2 years ago - not knowing *anything* about coding. Nowadays I feel pretty confident with Unity and C# inside Unity... But... ​ I'm kind in a bubble. If it comes to coding I never leave Unity forums, the programming world out there is not only scarry, I just don't understand it. ​ But I would like to. ​ How can I transfer my coding knowledge I gained learning Unity to the "real" world? What skills do I have? Besides of making games? Do I have any? What other cool things can I start to learn right away without having to overcame the brutal learning curve? Do you have any tipps for me what I can do to become more confident with coding in general? ​ (I know I could probably search all this on the internet, but I feel like asking you. thanks.)