SEAN AHLQUIST LAB FOR MATERIAL ARCHITECTURES Sensorial Architectures M 19 February 2018 | 5:00pm | Kresge Theatre Alan H Rider Distinguished Lecture SENSORIAL ARCHITECTURES As knowledge in the area of computational design advances, larger questions arise toward the agency of material-driven architectures as mechanisms for human interaction. This lecture investigates the instrumentalization of textile-based systems as structural, socio-spatial architectures, particularly considering sensory and behavioral ramifications for children with autism spectrum disorder. SEAN AHLQUIST is Assistant Professor at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and a member of the Cluster in Computational Media and Interactive Systems, connecting architecture with material science, computer science, and performing arts. Ahlquist’s research is centered on the topic of material computation, developing articulated material structures and modes of design which enable the study of spatial behaviors and human interaction. This is exemplified in a research agenda which includes the design and fabrication of pre-stressed lightweight structures, innovations in textile-reinforced composite materials, and development of tactile sensorial environments as interfaces for physical interaction.