I know that this topic have been brought up many times before. But I still want to express my own thoughts and opinions on this matter. It is a trend nowadays, especially in the Software industry, to avoid university, and go do bootcamps, online courses, etc. I understand that this might be very appealing to a lot of people, because many can't afford to go to university. But if you can afford to go to university, even only at a decent one (Harvard is definitely too expensive for most people), I think it is definitely worth it. The main argument against University, is that a degree don't guarantee a job, and it costs a lot. While yes, it doesn't guarantee a job, neither does bootcamps and online courses. As for the costs, while it may be a bit expensive, if you get internships, you will likely pay all of it off before graduation. Now this brings me to the biggest reason why University is still worth it. Internships. While you can maybe land internships without being in school, it is way more difficult. Many universities offer co-op or internship programs that allow students to do full-time work at a company. These universities also tend to have strong connections to many companies, making it much easier to land an internship. In my university for example, 90% of my CS class landed internships in their third year. And with internships under your belt, the argument, "College/Bootcamp graduates have an easier time finding jobs compared to University students", gets kicked in the ass and thrown out of a window. Who would an employer choose: 1. College/Bootcamp graduate that only knows coding, and have little theoretical knowledge. 2. University graduate that has a lot of theoretical knowledge, backed up by coding experiences and work experiences in internships. Lastly, a perk of University that I mentioned above, is theoretical knowledge. "Well, but theoretical knowledge is useless, coding is way more important, etc, etc." is a dumb argument. Yes, coding skills is important, but if you only know coding, you will become a coding monkey and not much else. If you work on any complex softwares, you need good theoretical knowledge of advanced algorithms and data structures. Of course, College/Bootcamp might teach you those things, but nowhere near the same level and depth as in university where these knowledge are taught to you by top professors. Also, university teaches you a lot of Math, which is hugely important, especially for fields such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. So those were my thoughts on why I deemed University to still be very beneficial for anyone pursuing a career in CS. Of course, for those people who has a successful career in CS with no university degree, props to you. I have a hard time finding people like you, and most of the time, I find people who are self-taught, does bootcamps, etc, to have a difficult time searching for jobs. But that is just my take, no hard feelings for anyone who disagreed. So, what are your opinions on this matter?