First post on Reddit and I'm so lost. I got into coding only at 18 so I'm far behind a lot of people my age who code and study cs. Now that I didn't get accepted into any college, how can I study so I won't be more behind? I'm really scared I won't get a good job because I'm so new to programming. I read so much about people who started coding at such a young age! I'm basically a grandma in employees' eyes. I'm trying to stay positive but got rejected just a couple hours ago so I'm a bit distraught. Any advice from people with experience is more than welcome. ​ Edit: I should have mentioned I live in Finland, so our college/university situation is different. Edit 2: This post got waaaay more attention than I could have even hoped for! Thank you all so much for sharing your personal journeys into cs with me! :D You have inspired me so much! I'm going to look for classes on cs at my local college and study the same subjects they teach at school.