Of course the rich want illegals. They work harder, earn less, and improve their standard of living as they decrease the prices for some goods and services, but don't compete with them in the labor market. They increase competition for jobs, so workers aren't able to demand higher pay. You see a lot of these professionals calling for licenses to use regulatory capture to limit their competition, but see, that what the poor are also trying to do. Poor and unskilled people don't want to have to compete with an illegal, no wonder wages were not rising for the longest time, employers could afford to pay terrible wages and use illegals to do those jobs. An if you're going to tell me that a farmer can't operate his farm without illegal immigrant, that they have two choices, either shut it down, or as the government to increase the number of temporary work permits. As far as I'm concerned, people who hire illegals should be charged with harboring augite and put in prison to make it uneconomical to do it.