**Basic info: International Indian,Girl** **MAJOR: Computer Science or Computer Engineering** **SAT SCORE: 1300** **GPA: 3.75** **Math Level2 : 770** Physics in november **Toefl:107/120** **ECs:** Head of school computer and math club Survey on Menstrual hygiene( Got published in newspaper ) Survey on Cyber Security ( published in school newspaper) 4 Internships with start ups and government on Web designing,Website programming ,Drone making and Debugging for 3 months Worked with 3 NGOs for 2 months to raise funds for education of poor kids and woman, Waste Management, Child helpline ,Menstrual Health and Hygiene of women . Part of POSCO committee in school to prevent child abuse and counselled over 160 kids. Scholar Award for 5 consecutive years. Rank 4 in school in International Science Olympiad (grade 10) Rank 2 in school in National Cyber Olympiad ( grade11) Got all my LORs from Principal (we dont have a counsellor) ,Math teacher , Physics teacher and Computer Science teacher, might be like 8/10 Hey so I was wondering if I could get into these univs : **1). Georgia State University** **2).UT Dallas** **3).Iowa State Univ** **4).Michigan State Univ** **5).San Jose State Univ** **6).Penn State Univ** **7).Arizona State Univ** **8).Univ of Wisconsin-Madison** **9).Univ of Colorado-Boulder** **10).UNC Charlotte** **11).UNC Chapell Hill** **12).Oregon State Univ** **Which ones can i get accepted to? and like which ones are like gonna 100% Reject me or the probability I get accepted or rejected?** (PS: PLEASE BE BRUTALLY HONEST , I KNOW MY SAT SCORE SUCKS)