Hello all,Long-time lurker on this sub and in need of your advice! **TL:DR:** **Weightlifting and strength programming with low-enough volume to combine with conditioning and gymnastics but higher volume than classic strength programs?** Been crossfiting for a few years, and following the Invictus competitors programming for the last two years or so. I had great results and progress following this program, but I had recently moved and decided to take the chance to phase out of this high work volume for a while. I wanted to use this time to work on weak points, fix some shoulder and hip stuff and also recover mentally from such a high workload. Over the last 4 weeks I had been following this: []( With a lot of shoulder rehab work to create a more stable overhead position with some gymnastics and the occasional metcon to stay in the game. In addition, started Engine Builder and loving it so I will continue doing it. Overall I think it was pretty low-volume and not structured well for me to make any significant gains, but I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. Some stats to put things into context: I'm 183, around 85kg. Nutrition and lifestyle are in check. **Edit: all numbers in KG** BS: 155Box Squat: 170DL: 205Bench: 120C&J: 100Snatch: 75Fran: 03:40Cindy: 25+13Half Murph (partitioned): 15:20Murph ("): 35:49 Olympic lifting (and ring muscle-ups) are definitely my sticking points and where I can make most gains. Been looking for a coach here but no luck so far, so I believe a good weightlifting and strength program + engine builder is the way to go.The Invictus weightlifting program is pretty high-volume, but I think I can make some gains with much lower volume (somewhere between 531 to Invictus) while also enjoying working on accessories, gymnastics and conditioning. I also walk around 10km a day and cycle 100-200km a week. My goal is to keep improving and return to crossfit style programming in about 2-3 months.Any advice would be welcome! Thanks a million!