“Phasing The Electromagnetic Flux of Another Shit Moment, February 4, 2020” documents the very first studio experiments of a new four channel phase-controlled electromagnetic cathode ray tube hack. Using video of anti-intellectual racist Rush Limbaugh receiving the presidential medal of honor at Donald Trump’s 2020 state of the union, sequentially phased simple and complex low frequency waveforms are sent to four handmade electromagnets surrounding the electron guns of a VGA computer monitor. Mixing the video feed with electronic and electromagnetic noise and visuals, a shit spectacle is impotently but cathartically processed and disrupted. Studio assistants: Angelina Almukhametova and Emilia Vidal-Hallett Electromagnet CRT hack developer: Kyle Evans Note: opening a cathode ray tube and modifying it is a very dangerous process. CRTs store enough volts of electricity to kill you if it accidentally discharges, even if it is unplugged. Do not try at home.