Miss Lindsay grew her new studio from 26 to 96 in just three years! But success leaves clues, and her growth was no accident. Being the smart businesswoman that she is, Lindsay understands that the key to studio success and growth, is putting strong systems, programing, and syllabus in place. And when she discovered the ADTA, she knew that Acro Dance was going to pay off in a big way for her studio. Neither Lindsay nor her teachers had any experience with Acro Dance. But now that they are all implementing the ADTA system and syllabus – they are all getting amazing results, keeping up with trends despite living in a rural area, and all giving the same quality product for each student. The thing that Lindsay loves the most about the ADTA program are the Trick Families™ and Lesson Plans, because all of her students can be working to their own level and ability, all within the same class. Now Lindsay feels so much more confident and knowledgeable as an Acro Teacher and has a studio that is growing more and more each year with her new ADTA Acro Dance program. Want to use the ADTA system to get the same results for your students? Click here for more information: