Just bringing this up because I'm bored, but I feel like it's wild that this was brushed under the rug. Per Sophie's [Wikipedia:]( > Prior to the revelation that she was a trans woman, some commentators accused Sophie of "feminine appropriation", on the assumption that she was a man using a female stage name in a field where women are underrepresented.[54] A 2014 article in The Fader criticized her and PC Music collaborator A. G. Cook for using stereotypically feminine aesthetics in their work while enjoying male privilege.[55] In a widely quoted 2015 interview with The Guardian, female singer and producer Grimes expressed a similar view: > "It's really fucked up to call yourself Sophie and pretend you're a girl when you're a male producer [and] there are so few female producers... I think it's really good music. I probably shouldn't have said that." So basically after that, Sophie was forced to out herself as trans instead of just existing as a gender-ambiguous musician. Like wtf is "feminine appropriation"? Lmao