Since I was small, my (Asian, duh) parents have ALWAYS opposed me to playing games. At age 6, I came across some space shooter flash games and played it. I got immediately reprimanded by my mother. I learnt to clear history and eventually can use incognito mode. Then, being introduced to a child mmorpg at the age of 10, I am immediately hooked. However, the first time my parents saw me play that, they fucking scold me till I cried and punishes me for playing. They believe that playing computer games will apparently make your academic results wayyy worse... (it's seer61 for those wondering. I played it 10 years ago, now its all pay to win). However, with all my school friends playing it, I wanted to have fun with the crowd. So it only made me sneakier and I will pretend to do homework on PC and I learnt "Alt Tab" and "Alt F4" commands. At age 13, I was caught multiple times playing games on the computer while parents are out. (they come back suddenly, walked quietly around the house etc) One time, my father was so angry he kicked me out of the house for 3 hours and threatens not to pay my school fee (I study in private school). Another time, he punishes me to copy "I will never play computer games secretly" 1000 times in chinese, and if I don't do it, he threatens to not pay my school fee again. Then they even locked up my Windows user with a password. These incidents have impacted me soooo hard -- i just want to play a few games, and as a result I become even sneakier. For weeks, I search for ways to access the computer without a password. I learnt how to reset the password or disable the account. But I can't even actually do it because if I did that, my parents will notice. Then I downloaded a Linux distro onto my usb during homework time. Boot up the computer with the usb into Linux when they are not at home, and I actually followed online tutorials to crack the windows password. I tried Linux distros like Ubuntu, Porteus, Slax etc. But for weeks it did not work. But I learnt so much about downloads, zip extracts, Linux, and most of all a programming mindset - debugging. At last I settled on Kali Linux. I was able to use it to crack my Home windows password. Fast forward to now, I'm 17 lol. There are still a few skirmishes when I'm 15 they literally locked up my computer monitor with a padlock inside a box. But other than that, since I have to use my laptop for class in high school, they are not too bothered. Though when they caught me and my grades are occasionally slipping slightly, they'll get super mad and try to threaten to not pay school fee again... But now,I realized something. The reason why I put computer science as my first choice for applying university really comes from the inevitability of trying to hack a computer. I became super interested in how computers can be twinkled to work wonders. As old as I am now, I understood why my parents did all they did to stop me from playing. they want me to avoid falling into an addiction of games (which I did when I got my laptop in 16 lol) so my grades won't drop and I can study in any uni degrees I wish (or they wish: medicine for doctor for money + job security -- another topic). But seriously, all that drama over the years is too much. It puts on a psychological stress on a young mind. When small me heard that they'll stop paying my school fees. I actually lost my shit because I fucking cared to study well and to me, PLAYING GAMES is not NOT STUDYING. They need to understand that everyone needs a bit of time to rest. On that note, I can't wait to finish studying university and be financially independent. My parents authority in the house is suffocating. Thank you or listening to my rant XD ​ TLDR: restricting kids electronics just makes them sneakier. Allow them to play games occasionally, just not in excess. They won't get cancer from games ffs.