Hi there, a little bit of background, I have a degree in biology (mainly the conservation field), but never had luck in getting calls or interviews these past 2 years after graduate. My parents made me study it and since I can't get a job with it, I now have a free pass to do what ever I want. So I decided about getting a job which involve programming. I've been learning python for 2 months now and I'm wondering whether there's opportunity to get a job as programmer here in Malaysia without the degree. So why did I choose programming? It was an ambition since I was a kid, because I love video game and AI. I strongly believe it is great skill for the future. It is indeed one of the most demanding job in other countries. I've read about success story where people able to get a job with only python or java through self learning. But that mostly happened in America or the Europe. I don't know if that's the same case here in Malaysia. The job market here in Malaysia is a bit of a mess. I came across so many job positions which require you to have knowledge in networking,html,CSS, javascript, python and SQL (basically, one man doing all the works). It seems that the programming job here required you to must have a CS degree. So, if there's anyone out there that has taken similar path, how did you do it? Or if anyone knows about how to prove myself to companies out there. In other countries, they have this website for programmers to show their problem solving skills like Hackerrank and Codewars. Or create a Github and upload your work there. Do companies in Malaysia have their ways of searching potential programmers other than looking at the education background? Thank you :)