It is 5 years ago, 48 now. Still programming, in my second job doing it full time. Basic thing I will anyone to extract from this post, it is never to late. However my circumstances are mine, not yours. I knew the basics, had even studied Programming for two years at University before dropping out to do do Lights and Rock'n'Roll. Did that for 20 years, and had a giant flight-case (big box of stuff on wheels) land on my foot, and put me out of action for a prolonged time. Rather than sit on my hands as it were, I decided to refresh on my programming skills. Everything was different, the C++ I learned at Uni, is not todays C++. So... something 'easy'. And fun. And that was Arduino. So restrictive. You can't do fancy stuff. Perfect. I can't say how helpful learning Arduino MCU programming is! It forces you to do tight programming. I still dabble with the platform, making game-controllers and stuff. More important, it made me look further, do more complex stuff. I knew C and C++, but neither language was really suitable to get a job. Around here, that is Java (because that is what all grads know) and C# (because that is almost Java, but from MS). I thought fuck it. Both those languages are basically legacy. I played around, and Go caught my interest. For me it was perfect. It was C modernized. Not long after I got a very low-paying job (based upon an android app I made) to do a bit of everything in a startup. As that project evolved, we got to an impasse as to what I should get out of it. Essentially employer said none, I said a fair share of the company, as I created the product. So I left. And now got a very good paying job doing only Go (and Firebase and SQL) backend work. Is it easy? No. Every other day, I need learn something new. Not with Go as such, that is simple(-ish), but with all the APIs and services we depend upon. When I started doing programming full time some 5 years ago, I can not say I was that experienced. The trick is figuring stuff out as you go. Now I got recruiters flooding my LinkedIn :) (not that I'll consider changing job at the moment, but you know, it is nice) Hang in there, especially if a bit older!