they want to start tipping this forum conservative by developing rapport here as neutral, then downvoting comments that don't mesh with their worldview once they get the ability to do so.

"fauxgnaws 1 point 20 minutes ago +1 / -0 A great battlefront for this is

They have interesting content for techies, and the site would be easy to tip conservative if done by careful, dedicated keyboard warriors.

The site doesn't value free speech at all so they will ban whole IP ranges without a second thought and they are small enough that the moderator actually looks through the logs to find spammers and troll second accounts and such. If you try to upvote your own comments, have voting rings, etc you'll get shadow banned right away. They're computer science guys so they have graph algorithms and such to find trolls.

What you need to do is post regular top-level comments on rising posts (second page) and you'll get easy karma. Get to 500 and you can downvote. After that just lurk and downvote liberal SJW type nonsense. If you comment on a post then your votes on it are nullified so either comment or vote, not both."