Given that it is online, very cheap compared to others, and from a top-tier university, it is seeming like a no-brainer to me. Am I missing something or did I just not look at the right universities? Edit: it looks like some people are suggesting other programs with a much higher price tag. Is the price difference really worth it? Edit 2: I think I've made up my mind. GA Tech it is. It has a very good program, the material is great, the brand name is very good, and the cost is great. You have access to a wide network given you meet other people who are also in the program. I don't care about the fact that many people have it, recruiters are still impressed by GA Tech, and hiring managers who are too dumb to like another university just because it's a higher price tag and less people pay for it are not worth working for anyways. Bonus question: I am having a hard time choosing between all the specializations. Does this matter much? Are there counselors in Georgia tech that can talk with you about the specializations to figure out which one you do?